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Prekmurska Šunka

Prekmurje ham is quality dried meat originating in the region of Prekmurje. It has earned its reputation throughout a centuries-old tradition of drying and maturing of pork leg.

This is a product with a distinctive shape which sets it apart from pršut, the well-known Slovenian air-dried ham, or from South Tyrolean Speck. Next to other dried hams, Prekmurje ham is recognizable by a different aroma and taste as well as by a new elegance of slicing. 

In the desire to preserve the ham’s indigenous character and recognisability, and in order to safeguard it against possible misuse, a procedure to protect the geographical origin of Prekmurje ham has been implemented under the auspices of the Association for the Promotion and Protection of Prekmurje Specialities. The protected name can be used only by ham producers holding a certificate.

The natural climatic conditions of the area where the Prekmurje plains rise to the hilly terrain of Goričko have contributed to the development, taste and shape of Prekmurje ham. Prekmurje ham is dried meat, manufactured from a specially formed, deboned pork leg with skin and bacon (coming from the region) by dry curing (wet curing is also possible), desalting, smoking and a longer period of drying and ripening. The end product weighs at least 3 to 4 kg. On the outside, the ham is evenly reddish-brown, as typical of strongly smoked products, the bacon is creamy white to brownish-yellow closer to the skin. The aroma and taste are characteristic of dried meat and bacon, complemented by a smoke flavour.




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